Wearing a mask, avoiding social gatherings, keeping distance from others can control the spread of covid 19, but the question is, is it the solution. The current situation of the corona has left everyone much worried about the safety from Covid 19. In few cases, people are dying of the disease without even indicating any sign & symptom. The current situation of hospitals and clinics in India is worrisome and scary, and patients have to fight to preserve the seat at the hospital to get treated. The second wave of covid 19 made us move towards medical help more frequently as patients are scared to save their lives. 

The daily report shows hospitals in India are facing a shortage of hospital beds, oxygen, and other medical infrastructure. Due to this, health experts and doctors now recommend that patients monitor their health in home isolation and get treatment at home.

The idea of covid homecare treatment service patients will be directed by a health expert directly through video and teleconsultation to get Covid Consultation Online. The patient can also take e-prescription of medicines and other dietary and nutrition advice.

Best coronavirus treatment for mild symptoms – Patients who have covid must take as much as rest they can, as the virus reduces the immunity and weakens the body. So, the patient diagnosed with covid 19 and has mild symptoms or no symptoms need to self-isolate themselves at home. A patient can book Covid Consultation Online through Credihealth, including covid homecare packages and 15 days of health specialist online consultation. 

Apart from the treatment, the patient also needs to adhere following steps before he/she gets back to negative Covid 19 report – 

 Stuck to home unless to get medical care – The patient needs to stop all the outer activities, including jogging, visiting work, school, or other public meetings and outings. Also, they need to avoid public transport and shaking hands with others as much as possible. 

 Self-isolation – A patient needs to keep him/herself away from the all-family member who tested negative for covid 19, including any pets. If possible, try to keep yourself restricted to a separate room and also use a separate bathroom. This isolation will help your loved one to save from the disease. 

Always Wear a mask – A patient must always wear a mask, especially outside the home, to stop the spread of Covid 19. Also, cover your mask while sneezing and coughing and wash your hands frequently.

Clean your hands thoroughly – Patients, whether they are infected or not, need to Clean their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap water or an alcohol-based sanitizer after coughing or sneezing and other occasions. At least 60-95 percent alcohol should be present in the sanitizer that helps to kill the virus effectively.

Clean surfaces and objects prone to high touch – To prevent the virus from spreading, some common surfaces or items accessible to anyone, such as doorknobs and tabletops, should be sanitized. It’s also important to disinfect any items that have been tainted with blood or bodily fluids.

Monitor symptoms – Usually, these symptoms may take 4-5 days to appear, in which patients need to check their oxygen level, body temperature frequently. If a patient symptom is getting worse or severe, he/she needs to take medical help on an immediate basis. 

How to buy Covid Homecare package – The patient needs to browse Credihealth’s web portal to book the home isolation package on our website  https://www.credihealth.com/procedure/india/coronavirus/. After reading all information and details, the package includes if you agree, you can click on the book now for online covid consultation. Post that patient needs to submit all the required details by filling up the form. Our in-house expert will give a confirmation call to confirm all the details, and you will receive a confirmation for the Covid homecare package booking. 



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