With the fast pace life full of gadgets, digital evolution has affected our life intensely. Starting from the morning when an individual uses a cellphone for wake alarm, other devices like washing machine, geyser, microwave, induction, tv, etc., are all over. Technology helped various sectors to advance, and healthcare is no exception. Technology-driven video and teleconsultation with doctor have become a handy tool for patients and caretakers. In the current situation, when coronavirus has affected people all over India, video and teleconsultation have emerged as an indispensable tool to fight against the coronavirus. Keeping others’ health in mind, if someone is affected by corona, wouldn’t it’s better that the patient gets treated at home only. Video consultation with a doctor ensures that the affected person is not spreading the virus mistakenly. However, you may doubt the treatment efficiency and may be supportive of the only face-to-face consultation. Here are a few points to ponder upon

  • Contain Coronavirus spread: Stay home, stay safe is the mantra in everyone’s life today. Staying home is the best an individual can to prevent themselves and contain the spread of the corona. When you get affected by corona, you can get treatment through a video consultation doctor. The government already approves such consultation, and with such treatment, you ensure that you are not spreading the virus while visiting the doctor for checkups.
  • Save time and energy: Since video and teleconsultations are done at home, you don’t need to travel for checkups. Moreover, it avoids waiting in long queues for your turn. Thus, saving your precious time and energy, especially when you are infected by corona.
  • Convenience: Tele and video consultations are done at your convenient time. So, it provides you with leisure of choosing time. It can be done from any place, which is why it is the most suitable option.
  • Best consultation: The healthcare package provided by Credihealth is one of the best consultations. Credihealth, all in one healthcare portal, has the network of the best-associated doctors. So the consultation you are getting is the best one.
  • Positive attitude: One of the most critical factors for a patient’s recovery is a good mental state with a positive attitude. In many cases, it is being observed that a patient gets highly demotivated when admitted to the hospital. In contrast to that, when the patient stays at home, close to family members, s/he is full of positive energy.

So, surely video consultation is helpful. An important point to note is this is only applicable for asymptomatic patients or patients having no symptoms. If you are suffering from moderate or severe corona, you should get admitted to the hospital or follow the recommendation provided by your doctor. So, if you have mild or no symptoms, you can avail of Credihealth’s home care covid package to monitor your health. You will get the below facilities in this package

  • Regular video or teleconsultation for 7/15 days
  • 24*7 support for any emergency
  • 24*7 instant support to relevant queries via WhatsApp
  • Dietary and nutrition guidance to recover from weakness
  • E-prescription to buy relevant medicines
  • Prevention and daycare advice

The above package is available for seven days or 15 days with patients having SPO2 of more than 94 and want to recover from covid at home. 

How to avail telemedicine service anywhere in India – Credihealth offers one of the best video and teleconsultation services for Video¬†doctor consultation. The online medical consultation functions similarly to a face-to-face consultation, except that after the doctor’s examination, the patient receives an e-prescription instead of a prescription on letterhead, complete with all required advice. Based on the symptoms and initial discussion, a client may decide if a technology-driven appointment is suitable or whether an in-person assessment is required after the first consultation with the doctor or health provider.

Furthermore, patients should schedule an offline doctor appointment by contacting our health advisor at 8010-994-994 or sending an email to [email protected]



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