A quick response code or QR code is a code that is usually read by a camera attached to a portable device like a mobile. Quick response code conveys a wide range of information and is created using spacing combination as a type of Matrix Barcode. Barcode has a limitation of storing 20 alphanumeric characters of data and functions with one dimension. So, its creators designed a square/rectangular shape to take advantage of horizontally and vertically Coded information. Qrcodescannerpro online is a tool capable of generating and scanning any QR codes efficiently. You can search QR code scanner online, where you will find Qrcodescannerpro as the best app.

What are various types of QR Codes?

There are many types of QR codes, but below is the list of a few popular QR codes

  • Micro QR codes: Micro QR codes can fit small items and store minimal information than regular QR codes. Due to less information stored, they don’t take up space.
  • IQR codes: Typically, QR codes are square-shaped. However, IQR codes are rectangular. Its shapes give it the advantage of holding smaller and more extensive data amounts.
  • FrameQR: FrameQR codes are best suited for marketing items as it comes with an icon and engaging, customizable call-to-action. They provide hints of what people will get in return and hence are pretty popular these days.

What is a QR code consist of?

The QR code is broken down into seven parts

  • Positioning detection markers: Indicating the code’s printing direction markers are located in three corners to recognize the code accurately.
  • Alignment Markings: They are used to straighten out QR codes drawn on a curved surface and are smaller in size than position detection markers.
  • Timing Pattern: Used to determine the data matrix timing pattern are alternating white and black pattern configuring the data grid.
  • Version Information: Version markers help to identify the QR code version among the available 40 versions.¬†
  • Format Information: It represents the error tolerance and data mask pattern of the QR code.
  • Data and error correction keys: It is one of the unique features using which data is restored if the code gets dirty or damaged. Increasing these increases the error correction quality and increases the amount of data that can be stored.
  • Quiet Zone: It’s an outer boundary of the QR code for comprehension improvement that distinguishes the QR code from its surroundings.

These markers make QR code design unique and easily accessible. A few common uses are

  • Application download
  • Redeeming coupon¬†
  • Payment
  • Getting mass information for feedback, surveys, etc.
  • Amplifying event
  • Detailed information about a product or service
  • Authentication purpose

These simple-looking QR codes can store loads of information. However, they should scan fast and accurately. Qrcodescannerpro is the best QR code generator scanner that can even generate QR codes in bulk. There is no compromise on quality even if we are generating QR codes in mass for big companies.


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